Royal Discount Furniture- A Frightful Place To Furnish Your Home From $$

Royal Discount Furniture- A Frightful Place To Furnish Your Home From

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Shopping at Royal Discount Furniture can prove to be frightful experience for you what with the bed bugs that come for free with every furniture item purchased here. Add to it the fact that the furniture here is off not a great quality and do not deserve their price tags and all that you get from the store is a royal rip-off!


Royal Discount Furniture has been in the furniture business for more than 60 years during which it has grown from being a single store in Memphis to eight more across six states in the US. The furniture selection here is good with nearly every room of your house being furnished by it. The items here come from known brands, so you know your furniture will be of a decent quality. But this is where the good things about the store end.4 Royal Discount Furniture  A Frightful Place To Furnish Your Home From

Royal Discount Furniture- Disappoints Many Customers

Yes, the furniture quality is good because it reportedly comes from known brands. But customers who have carefully checked the furniture will tell you that there is every probability of the items breaking within the guarantee period. Some buyers have reported of premature leather peeling off the leather furniture pieces which makes them feel like they have been a victim of royal rip-off! Improperly finished furniture, adamant drawers, creaky joints, hardware coming off unexpectedly are all common in furniture items bought from Royal.

However, the most common complaint from shoppers about the furniture from this store is regarding bed-bugs. Several buyers reported of the furniture being badly infested by these red creatures to the extent that they had to visit a doctor. No wonder, these clients are frightened about going back to the store once again for the fear of infesting their entire house!

As for the prices, on the face it might appear as if the furniture rates are reasonable, what with the shop allowing you to pay in cash, credit or as layaway. But the reality is that for the quality of the goods you get here, the costs are no value for money even with the different payment options and in-house financing facility. Particularly, if you are on a tight budget, this store would be the least ideal for you to shop from.

Not much can be said about the customer service either as several customers received a royal runaround for their quality complaints. And with no delivery services being offered by the store, you are left on your own to cart your purchase home, no matter how big. Indeed, the buyers now feel that purchasing furniture from Royal Discount Furniture was their most frightful experience what with the bed-bugs, poor furniture quality, no delivery and prices that are not worth the items.

To put it succinctly, it would be better for you to find another furniture store to buy from, unless you want to be royally ripped-off by Royal.

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