Store Review on – Robin’s Gently Used & New Furniture $$

Store Review on – Robin’s Gently Used & New Furniture

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Negative review on Robin’s Gently Used and New Furniture store gives you an honest feedback on the various products and help you buy the perfect thing.

Robin’s Gently Used and New Furniture store in Jacksonville, Florida, claims to be the supplier of best quality home furnishing at affordable prices. As per their website, they are a premier supplier of used and new quality furniture in the nation. They claim to be hundred percent dedicated to customer satisfaction in terms of integrity and quality. Numerous customers have purchased furniture from this store with the thought of getting the best deal. However, the joy for many customers has turned to sadness and bitter experience as products are found to come with numerous problems. Additionally, the store does not have a good after sale service. Some reviews of Gently Used and New Furniture store are as follows:1 Store Review on   Robins Gently Used & New Furniture

A customer complained that she had purchased a sofa for the living room from the store. The staff are not at all courteous and do not seem to care about customer satisfaction. The inquiries are not paid heed to. After nearly fifteen minutes, someone came to cater to her needs. The manager of the store as per complaints was also very rude. The manager tried to convince her by insisting upon buying a sofa, whose color she did not really like. On delivery of the item, she found it to be quite dull and not matching with her living room at all. She regrets wasting her hard-earned money in buying item from this store.

Another customer purchased a bed from the Gently Used and New Furniture store. He paid the full amount in cash and they said that the bed would be delivered at his house within twenty-four hours. After that five days have passed but there is no response from the store so far. When he went to the store for cancelling his order, he found another customer had come to complain about a wrong delivery. The store had delivered the bed of this customer to the newer one’s house.

Another customer complained about getting wrong sized mattress for her newly purchased bed. He had purchased the bed from the store only and the staff had taken the measurements in front of him to match the mattress. But when the mattress got delivered, he found those are much smaller in size. When he called up the store, the manager refused to change the mattress and rudely insisted that they had delivered the size as specified by the customer.

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