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Talking of online furniture stores, is one amongst those stores which received a lot of customer complaints regarding the quality of the furniture sold by them, their after-sales support, etc. Notable faults have been experienced by users in their range of beds and mattresses. They boast to offer furnishing items at the cheapest rates, but that seems to be at the cost of the overall quality of the products. Delayed delivery was yet another annoying aspect.

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When it comes to purchasing furniture from the online stores, there are many bad deals waiting for you out there in the web. However, you need to take care that you don’t end up being the prey of such dubious and sub-standard online furniture stores. One such web-based furniture store that we reviewed lately was Quite sadly, there were many major drawbacks and shortcomings of the store in terms of the range of furniture hosted by it, the quality and value of its products, customer service, etc. Let’s now have a detailed look at the store:-

There have been a lot of consumer complaints regarding the quality of the beds provided by the online store. Many users have complained that their beds squeaks pretty severely even though it is a new purchase. Many users also seemed very unhappy about the legs of the beds. The beds with thin legs aren’t designed and built efficiently to support the weight of the heavy mattresses and the ones sleeping on it. The consumer reviews leaves nothing to be imagined about the build structure and the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of these beds. No doubt that the store offers the most affordable furnishing options for your home but the prices justifies the quality of the product. Customers don’t get satisfied just by cheap price tags, they want quality too.

The store seems to boast a lot about its bedding lineup and its range of mattresses. Though the mattresses offered by the store are one of the cheapest that you can avail online, but the quality of the products is questionable. There is absolutely nothing much about the quality of the mattresses to tout about. Many users have reported that when the mattresses are subjected to regular use, they develop severe body prints. Many customers have also complained that they developed severe back ache and related disorders upon sleeping on the mattresses. In fact, all their happiness of buying an affordable and so called ‘quality’ mattress vanished just after lying down on it and struggling hard to fall asleep the entire night. The fact that the mattresses aren’t moldable makes matter worse as it is the prime reason of backache.

The online furniture store has several horror stories in terms of its delivery services too. Many customers have reported that the delivery services of the website are very disappointing. There is a lot of lag in the promptness of the delivery. Users complained that they never got their deliveries on time. The promise of ‘quick delivery within no time’ is a hoax. On several occasions, the delivery even stretched to about 2-3 weeks.

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