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Even some of the well-known online furniture stores too don’t always guarantee a quality of service and products. The web-based store – is one such example. They have nothing exclusive or unique to offer in their products line up. Many furnishing options are missing from their catalogues too. Their after sales support and warranty services are highly questionable.

The online furniture store recently went under our reviewing scanners. A lot of shortcomings have been found about this website which can be a deal breaker for many potential customers of this online retail furniture store. A briefing on its review is provided below:-

60aabc3343db1a749ab4d817 mohair sofa review of www.orangeparkfurniture.comThe range of products hosted by the online store seems very limited. In terms of beds too, there aren’t many varieties to offer. All that you can find are the common types and designs of beds. New age beds like bunk beds, air beds, sofa beds, platform beds, etc. and various other types of contemporary beds are hard to locate in the store. The types of furniture offered under the ‘youth bedroom’ category are the most common ones that you can easily find in any other furniture store. There is a lack of uniqueness and exclusivity in their furniture range. Furthermore, their products lineup has nothing special to offer for a modern and high-end office. The latest types and designs of office desks are missing from their catalogue. Ergonomic desks, L-shaped desks, etc. are not offered.

Many buyers have had horrifying experiences with the store. A lot of complaints have been received about the warranty services of the store. Consumers have reported that they had to struggle a lot in order to get their faulty furniture’s get replaced with newer ones. In many cases, even if the replacement was made by the store, it didn’t offer the same furniture model or type. This can be very annoying especially when if you paid extra bucks for a particular model but ended up with another unfavorable model. The store said that such differing models were provided because the actual furniture models were out of stock or were no longer in production. But the users believed it to be a hoax.

Beautiful and exotic home décor items are not in their list of offerings. Such decorating items are very much necessary to compliment the beautifully designed furniture’s of your home. Giving home décor items a miss can be disappointing for many customers.

In its website, the store touts a lot about its after-sales support but in reality, that’s hardly true. Many users have had horrific experiences regarding their support services. To begin with, their delivery is really not up to the mark. In most cases, it took them more than a week to ship the orders to the buyer’s residence even after being in the same region. They even charge for their delivery while most other stores do it for free. Furthermore, they claim to provide free services of setting up and removal of furniture parts anywhere in the Northeast of Florida but in reality, there is a lot of lag in this service too. Many customers have reported that it took their support staff about 2-3 weeks to reach their home even after promising a prompt service.


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