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Review On: Classic Home Furniture

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The review discloses the fact regarding Classic Home Furniture store that promises falsely about its products and quality services.

Classic Home Furniture online presence has compelled many homeowners to buy products from them. However, the experience is very annoying for many customers.

A customer from Jacksonville now thinks why he had gone to the store in the first place. He went to the store with his wife to buy a sofa for their living room. The selected one sofa and when it got delivered his wife found that though the sofa had looked nice in the showroom, it was not actually matching their living room. He contacted the store manager and said he had changed his mind about the sofa, so he would just return it and get his money refunded. So, he went back to the store with his wife and after a short discussion with the manager agreed to select a different sofa within the same price range. They selected one and filled up all the relevant forms. They were told by the salesperson that the new sofa would be delivered within three weeks. However, since then six weeks had passed and the sofa was not delivered. When the customer repeatedly called up the store, he was told that there would a ‘slight’ delay. Finally, the sofa was delivered after twelve weeks. On the day of delivery, the store manager gave him a delivery slot of 9 am to 6 pm. He told that it was ridiculous, as he would not be able to take a day off. He had to ask his mom to stay in the house all morning and afternoon to get the sofa delivered.

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Another customer complained that he had bought a sofa bed and a leather love seat. Although they got the love seat delivered within a few days, they had to wait for the sofa for nearly a month. After delivery they found that the leather of the sofa bed was not matching with that of the love seat. The leather of the bed was of such poor quality that they could not sleep on it. They had repeatedly called the customer care center for changing the sofa or fixing the leather. Finally, someone came and changed it after making them wait for another three weeks. But they found that the leather was the same and although the sofa carried a 5-year warranty, the leather was cracking. They were informed that the warranty did not cover leather cracking. The couple was very disappointed with the products and the customer service

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