Buddy’s Home Furnishings? Better Find A Better Store To Buy Furniture, Buddy! $$$$

Buddy’s Home Furnishings? Better Find A Better Store To Buy Furniture, Buddy!

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If you plan to rent or lease-own furniture, electronics and appliances from Buddy’s Home Furnishings, know that you are making a big mistake. This store is not worth the money spent considering its poor quality merchandize and a shoddy customer service. You will only end up wasting money on renting out these items and feeling unnecessarily ripped-off.


Buddy’s Home Furnishings is a known name in the furniture business circle. This is one among the few stores that allows you to obtain furniture on a rental basis or through lease ownership. It also extends its rent-to-own services to other home needs like electronics, computers and appliances so that you may fulfill all your home needs under one roof. With such a decent offering from the store you might be tempted to lease out or rent some of its merchandize. However be wary, for all that glitters, is not always gold.5 Buddy’s Home Furnishings? Better Find A Better Store To Buy Furniture, Buddy!

Buddy’s Home Furnishings- Wasting Your Money and More

No doubt Buddy’s is a great place to avail of home furnishings at lower costs considering that it allows you to rent and lease and own the same. But in the name of reduced costs, if all you get is a product that is of poor quality, then it certainly is not worth the money spent, no matter how small. Furniture that you will get at this store is not on par with those that you can buy at other shops. Many customers have complained of the furniture getting damaged even within the warranty period that goes to show how poor the furniture quality is.

If the furniture is damaged, then there is no guarantee that your rented appliances and electronics will work long enough. In all probability they will also stop functioning within the warranty period as has been the experience of quite a few buyers.

What has upset the customers even more is that despite them having placed complaints at the store regarding damaged furniture pieces or mal-functioning appliances, no one from the shop ever bothered to respond. If you pursue long enough, you will get the standard reply from the manager that their staff will take care of the issue, but this will not happen as apparently the store is least bothered about customer satisfaction.

One more point that highlights how careless Buddy’s is about the happiness of their clients is the fact that there have been several instances where customers have not found what they want. We are out of stock is the standard reply given by the salespersons time and again which has turned-off many buyers from the store.

To cut the long story short, if you are thinking of renting or lease-owning furniture, appliances and electronics from Buddy’s Home Furnishings to clip the budget corners, it would be better for you to find some other store instead. For at Buddy’s, there is no way that you can get value for money.

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