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Badcock is one of the most reputed privately owned furniture stores in the US. It was founded in 1904 and since then it has been service the nation. It has more than 1200 employers working in more than 300 badcock furniture stores in and around the United States. However, customers are not so happy with its services.

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Each Badcock store has a collection of multiple home decor products. Starting from the different kind of furniture sets to various home decor accessories, badcock has it all. Mainly due to this reason, it has been loved by many customers in the US and also places around the globe. Not only from its offline stores, but one can buy and order stuff from their online website and get products at a much discounted rates. However, as time is passing by, there have been a number of complaints filed against the store and its ruthless service system. Previously it was hard to believe that Badcock is not able to touch the hearts of many but as time is passing by, these complaints are proved to be true.

Think Wise, Spend Wise!

There is a customer from the US who have recently wrote a negative review about the store online. She said that she had ordered for a sofa set and a bunch of mattresses from the Badcock online store. She was very happy to choose from the online catalogue and was much excited to receive the products at her doorstep. However, when she received the parcel after around 2 weeks of her ordering, she was shocked to see that whatever she has received didn’t match with what she had ordered. The colour of the mattresses were different, also the sofa set was some other one. she immediately called the store manager and she got to hear from him that she had received whatever she had placed an order for. She was devastated at this and promised herself not to buy anything else form the store ever again.

Another client from Nashville had bought a dining table set from Badcock. He was quite content while using the same for a few days but he saw that within a month of its usage, the legs of the dining set had started to break and small holes were there on the woods. He complained it to the store manager and the manager said that he will exchange the stuff with new ones. However, the customer is still waiting but nobody came to exchange the stuff till date.

Renovating your home can be a great option this year and also you will definitely want to buy stuff which will be affordable and also of a high quality. So, before you step out for Badcock Furniture store, do make a little study about their products and services. Ask your friends who have purchased sets from the store before. This way you will not get fooled and will also not lose your money for some damaged stuff.

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